Journal 2

The hem of the silk gown barely brushed the top of her feet. It was blue, the dark blue of the night sky just before the stars came out. She had never liked blue, not like her mother had. She preferred the deep red of her favorite lipstick, which she was wearing, instead. It made her feel powerful and matched her long hair, which she kept down to her waist in defiance. It swayed as she click-clacked down the hall, curling from the humidity. It was a source of pride for her and a source of annoyance for her mother. The matching heels, slim and delicate, made her almost as tall as her brother. Her vanilla perfume, the one she had gotten for her birthday, was the same scent as the cookies the chef always made for her and her brother when they were in elementary school. It had always been comforting to her and she wanted, no, needed, that comfort that night.

The youngest of five and the only daughter, a lot of hope was riding on her shoulders the night of the event. But, true to form, she didn’t truly care what her family wanted. The only thing she cared about that night was the champagne and the hors d’oeuvres. She hoped that they would be as delicious as they always were because they were the only good part of these parties that her family hosted. That and the cute boys who were always there and always deemed unsuitable by her mother. Not that she picked them because her mother didn’t like them. That would have been immature and completely against her upbringing. She merely danced with them and flirted under the twinkling lights while ignoring the pointed looks from her family. She had never been one to conform to expectations, but she feared, just a little, what would happen if she didn’t at least pretend to try to conform for the night. Just a few hours of attempting to be the perfect daughter and they would leave her alone for a little while afterwards.

I chose to write without using the character’s name because I wanted to build her without using something that would color her based on different people’s experiences with the name. I focused on her getting ready for a party so there would be a description of how she rebelled against her family. Her outfit, I think, says a lot about her as a person as well as what she likes or does not like. It also gives a physical description and hints at her personality, which is expanded on in the second paragraph.

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  1. Warren Rochelle says:

    Good work. Is there a name you could select that wouldn’t have cultural weight? That wouldn’t be familiar to the reader?

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