Journal 4

This is #3 on page 87.

“I’m just saying, Rich—”

A loud whistle interrupted Amelia, leaving her glaring at the source: a middle aged man in a football jersey.

“As I was saying,” the girl said, adjusting her skirt so it protected her legs from the cold metal bench. “I think you should just tell him.”

“It’s not that easy,” Richard said. “He’s just so—”

Another shrill sound, this time from one of the people in front of them, cut Richard off. Amelia rolled her eyes and flipped her hair behind her shoulder.

“Why are we having this talk at a football game?” he asked, scooting closer to Amelia.

“Because the idiot you’re in love with is the running back,” she said. “And I’m pretty sure he’d notice if both of us weren’t here.”

“But we could have wai—”

A loud cheer erupted around them as the sports fans all stood up. Amelia sighed and rummaged through her purse.

“This is ridiculous,” Richard said once the crowd had sat down.

“Come on, Rich,” she said, filing her nails. “It was this or somehow convince Jonnie to leave us alone. You know how hard that is?”

“No! Because you’re the one he spends time with.”

“He spends time with you too. Remember when you two abandoned me and went to get froyo?”

“We did not abandon you. You had homework that you needed to get done.”

“And you didn’t save me from it. What kind of friend are you?”

“It’s a wonder you’re doing so well in your classes when you leave your homework until the last minute. Procrastinator.”

Amelia poked him gently in the chest with her finger. “You’re trying to change the topic.”

Richard’s next words were lost in the roar of the crowd. Despite sitting next to him, Amelia had no idea what he said.

“You should talk to him about it,” she said once it was quieter, stuffing her nail file back in her bag. “I’m serious, Rich. Just talk to him about it.”

“It’s hopeless,” Richard said. “Come on, Mellie. He’s the most popular guy and I’m one of the nerds. This is just a sick version of a high school romantic comedy. And I don’t wear glasses, so we can’t just dress me up for homecoming or something by taking them off.”

“You seem to forget that you have an inside source.” She jabbed her thumbs at herself.

“What good has that done me in the year and a half I’ve had a crush on him?”

“I’ve been busy with school.”

“Oh, so now you’ll do your homework? When one of your best friends needs your help?”

Amelia opened her mouth, then closed it as the crowd cheered again.

“To be fair, it is senior year and we’re all doing college applications,” she said. “So it’s important school stuff. And I’m working on it.”

“Mellie, we only have nine months of school left!”

“Which is plenty of time for my master plan.” She looked out at the field. “Rich, you might want to start paying attention to the game.”

“Really, this isn’t the time to try to distract me. We were just getting to what you’re going to do—”

He was cut off as Amelia grabbed him and faced him towards the football field.

“Oh,” he said, looking at the football player in the middle of the field holding a bouquet. “Oh.”

“I told you I was working on it,” she said. “You just didn’t listen.”

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