Journal 4

1: The shop isn’t on Main Street, it’s not even on 2nd or 3rd, but the tea shop on the far end of Stuart Rd, has real peppermint tea, and with the heat of July on your back and a desert in your throat, you think it’s worth walking across an empty road at 7pm.

The woman behind the counter doesn’t look up when you open the door, she doesn’t even move when you walk up to the counter. Her head is planted firmly on the black fake wood. You check to make sure she’s breathing, but she slowly sits up before you have a chance to assess. Her pale eyes are puffy and blood shot. She hold up her finger and turns around to disappear into the back room. She comes back with a greying middle-aged man. “Hello, what can I get for you?”

“A Peppermint tea, please,” you say, voice raspy.

The man turns to the woman and touches his fingers together, then points to several places on his left hand. She twirls around and works the order. She has to start up new pot. “Hay fever?” the man asks. You nod. The woman only turns back to you when she hands you your drink. You put your hand to your mouth and bring it down, palm up.


2: There isn’t a set reason that he’s afraid of Colin, but Sammy thinks it’s because he looks like a clown without makeup. His face is long, his lips are wide. His eyes slope down, heavy lidded and purpling. He looked like a man that would gladly just sit down on a couch and not ever get up. Sammy kind of wants to put him there so he doesn’t have to deal with him.

But unfortunately, the man is working the only open at Sheetz, and he has already ordered his breakfast sandwich.  He can’t really live with the idea of the cooks wasting the food. He’ll just have to plow through and not stare at his eyes.

He almost flees when the man gives him a forced smile.



3: Write about a character that changes through a story: I want to write about a character named Aniko, who starts off mistrusting a classmates in the urban fantasy college. When things start to go downhill after Yellowstone explodes, she is trying to decide whether she should make sure she survives until she can go home, or if she should try and commit the same amount of energy to helping her fellow students and forming a compound. As resources start to stop coming in, it seems more lucrative to pool resources and start to mediate jobs.  Aniko is really good at protective magic and volunteers to keep a barrier up, which she feels will guarantee that she won’t have to fight for resources because it’s essential to the others’ survival.

As time goes on, and she gets to a point where she actually likes and knows a good chunk of the people living inside the barrier, she starts to take her position more seriously and starts to forget the ‘power’ her importance gave her. She wants to protect these people for the sake of protecting them, not to make sure she doesn’t die.

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    Did this exercise help with your novella?

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