Journal 4

87 #3

Maybe going to the mall right around Christmas had been a bad idea. The mall was filled with crowds all trying to get the perfect Christmas experience, whether it was all the right gifts, or the perfect picture with Santa.

“Anyways,” Liz said when they finally got their Starbucks and started making their way to the Victoria’s secret. Someone reached between them to get their own coffee and Liz bristled. “Aaron told me he was going to be going to visit his grandparents for Christmas, which I don’t mind. It’s something his family does every year.”

They stepped out into the main part of the bookstore where the Starbucks was located. Liz and Amber had to navigate around displays, people, and stressed out staff.

“It’s New Year’s that I’m upset about because he-”

“Would you be interested in buying our latest Nook model? It can hold ten times as many books as the Kindle Paperwhite.”

“No,” Liz said.

At the same time, Amber brushed the associate off “Kindle has a bigger library.” With that they kept walking, finally making their way out of the store.

Liz had to speak louder over the echo in the mall’s bright hallways. The high ceilings and shiny floors were nice, but they made conversation during the Christmas season almost impossible.

“So he promised me we would spend New Year’s together,” a shrill child’s scream echoed from the shiny vinyl playplace. Amber glared at it. “But then he made plans with his mom’s side of the family to spend it up in New-”

A very angry looking woman holding about ten bags shoved them apart, knocking Amber’s drink to the floor. “Excuse you!” Amber shouted after her. She and Liz looked at the spilled drink, mourning it for a few moments before someone stepped on its remains, breaking them out of their trance.

“So now he’s spending New Year’s in New York even though he’s always told me it’s,” A woman next to them was speaking very loudly on the tone and Liz retorted by speaking louder herself. “Overrated to spend New Year’s in Times Square because they won’t even let you out to pee and I know if I did that I’d totally get a UTI.”

There was a small lull in the noise that made Liz’s statement about urinary tract health the loudest statement in the area.

“Oh stop judging,” Liz said as she looked at all the people around her. “At least I care about my body.”

“Anyways,” Amber said as she grabbed Liz by the arm and started pulling them towards the Victoria’s Secret, a pink glowing beacon in the distance.

“Yeah, so anyways,” Liz said as she dodged a potted plant in the middle of the walkway. “Aaron is probably going to kiss some random stranger in Times Square on New Year’s and I’m going- Excuse me.” Sarah shoved past someone stopped in the middle of the walking area. “I’m going to be spending it alone despite the fact that I’m not single.”

“Well hey, we can be alone on New-” Someone’s child plowed into Amber’s legs. If she still had her Starbucks she would accidentally drop it on his head. “We can be alone on New Year’s together.”

“Just like how we’re shopping for nothing together at-”

“Donate to the Salvation Army?”

“No thank you. Shopping for nothing at the mall on Christmas.”


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