Journal 5


     I stop dead looking at a shelf of books, as a flash of a red headed, green eyed man runs across a rolling field, bare chested and wielding a sword. I have never seen him before but I knew who he was and I feared for his life at that moment.

“Ma’am!” a lady scoffs from the coffee shop half of my shop, and it shook me out of the flash that just overwhelmed me.

“Oh, Hi there, how can I help you?”

“Yes, I need a half caf, skinny, double shot macchiato with no foam.” I roll my eyes as I walk over to my coffee counter and start grinding espresso to make a latte since the person who just ordered doesn’t have a clue what an actual macchiato is.

“Here you go ma’am that will be $4.95”

“Really that much?”

“Sorry ma’am. Kinda have to make a living here.” The lady throws down a five and walks furiously out the door, the bell smashing forcefully against the door. I throw her change in the tip jar and smile at the fact that she was so mad she still ended up leaving a tip.

I glance up at the clock, and sigh upon seeing that I still have two hours until I can close up. I walk back over to the bookstore and examine the shelves, finding a few books have carelessly been placed. I put them back in their rightful place. I giggle at the eclectic books lying carelessly on the shelf, Nature’s Hallelujah, The God Delusion, and The Grimoire of Pope Honorius. The bell dings above the door.

“Good day, How can I help you today?”

“Yes, I was wondering if you had the latest Nora Roberts book?” the customer asks while flipping over The Grimoire of Pope Honorius before cringing and sitting it back on the shelf.

“I’m sorry ma’am I deal mostly in rare books.”

“Oh, what made you decide to do that?”

“My grandmother ran a bookstore and when she passed, she left them to me, most of them were rare editions. So I decided to collected a few of my own and re-sell what I could.”

“Well, Thank you.”

“You’re Welcome.”

I finish rearranging the shelves and walk back over to the coffee shop and start proofing for the next day and cleaning up. My little clock on the wall in my office dings reminding me that it is 5 p.m. and time to closing. I flip my open sign to close, grab my notebook, pen and my favorite green military style jacket, and walk out of the shop locking the door behind me. I walk through the little town of Lilydale, past the bar Moose Country and Thompson Lighting Protection before stepping onto Lilydale road and following it past the Pool and Yacht Club before finally settling into a spot overlooking the Mississippi River to write for the afternoon.

After about an hour or so, I get up dust off my pants, walk back to my shop, to finish cleaning and to check inventory. Inventory showed me that I also had to place a few orders for milk, coffee and pastries. I then sit down in one of the chairs by the window to read a book that my friend has suggested and realized halfway through that it was one of those overly romanticizes  romance novels. I only reason I decide to keep reading is that I know she will be a pain in my ass if I don’t. I read about some western cowboy trying to win over some bar maid. When my reading hour is up, I go and fix myself a healthy meal of chicken breast, with broccoli, zucchini and wild rice before showering and going to bed.

At the beginning of the novella assignment I was thinking that I was going to tell the story from the 3rd person point of view but realized that I didn’t like it and that I ended up playing with the idea of 1st person instead so this is part of the 1st chapter done in 1st person and a lot shorter that the original 1st chapter because I think that this established her daily routine which will be interrupted later.

I decided to make the change in P.O.V because I felt it told the story better that just overseeing what was happening and especially since Amélie will be having visions/dreams depicting her past lives.


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