Journal 5

I really like Michael Kardos’s book. I’ve been going through it on my own time and even thinking some of the exercises through can help me think of different ways to improve or experiment with in my own writing. A lot of them have you recall something personal or something along those lines but it’s so easy to just apply them to a fictional character! Trying to create a character and having these exercises to think through I think helps create a clearer image in my mind on how I want my characters, like Natasha, to be. Like on page 24 theres number 5, about a location through new eyes. There’s probably going to be a point in my story where Natasha ends up someplace she’s never been so thinking now how she’s going to react is just going to make that scene better when I really get to it. I really enjoy the exercises in this book and it makes me sad I only rented it for the semester because this is something I’d love to be able to hold onto even after this class is over.

Really, at this point in time though I know where my story is going to end up in a general sense but as far as the journey to that point things keep changing. Like Jen giving me the idea of a public outing to a coffee shop. I love that idea and it’ll be an interesting way to introduce heaven and angels and poor Death. Also to give some more onto the politics of this Hell I’ve created. It feels like the more I write the funnier it’s getting, which maybe is just my own lack of self control but I feel making this serious out right is kinda boring. I am a funny person (to me at least, a few people have agreed in the past), but with such a topic as Hell, that’s going to be off putting to a lot of people. So I think humor is a way to make it more relatable and readable, nothing but death and torture and gore, while can be fun in it’s own right, narrows the scope of people this story could reach.

But of course, what kind of story doesn’t have blood and guts and some gore. As with my recent installment, things kick off in a brutal way but one that I think is appropriate. A lot of foreshadowing, some pretty out right I think but that’s part of building the mystery and making people want to read. To see the little hints come full circle and then BOOM! That’s what I’m aiming for anyway, which comes to that balance of humor. I’ll admit for a while Natasha’s personality drops out of the story but once things pick back up and she’s Satan, she’ll have her time to shine! And then Beelzebub and Astaroth, both of them wanting the same thing in the end but really how that happens is where they disagree. Not that they really get along to begin with. Kind of like opposite brothers. But the story is going to pick up pace but I just don’t want anything getting lost. So many ideas. So little time.

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  1. Warren Rochelle says:

    If you haven’t already, write down all these ideas.

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