Journal 6

Colt picked himself up and dusted off his chaps. He had being trying to break this mare for weeks. He had gotten her used to the saddle and reins quickly, but she wasn’t having someone actually riding her. Colt walked over to the bay horse who was standing at the edge of the ring and pets her nose.

“You’re one stubborn horse.”

“Well, I guess she learnt it from her owner.” Colt’s mother Laruen said from outside the ring.

Colt looked over his shoulder at her. “Hey, Mom.”

“Colt don’t you think you’ve been at it enough for today.”

Colt looked at the horse while still petting her nose. “Not yet, I think I’m going to try a few more times.”

“Colt, I’ve seen you get thrown off that horse six times while I was just washing the dishes from lunch.”


“We’re a family of three we don’t have that many dishes. It took me all of ten minutes to do them.”

Colt checked the saddle over to make sure nothing had come loose.

“Colt if you do get on that horse one more time today. I’m going to get your father on you.”

“What’s he going to do? Grunt and tell me to listen to you.”

“Probably, but you listen to those grunt way more often than you listen to my fussin’ “

Colt placed his foot in the stirrup and mounts the mare, who immediately started to buck, and twist, leaving Colt to hang on to the reins and the horn of his western saddle. Before the mare landed with the front hooves going to the right and the back hooves swinging to the left, sending Colt rolling in the dirt of the ring again.

“Colt, you’re never going to tame that mare. You’ll give yourself a concussion or worst if you keep going like this.”

“Then what the hell am I supposed to do?”

“Take it slow start with a sack of grain on her back then another and another, before you hop on. She’s never been riden before Colt, she’s not use to any weight on her back. Sometimes you have to start out slow.”

Colt was silent while he once again picked himself up off the ground and dusted off his chaps. He walked over to where his hat had fallen and slapped it across his thigh knocking most of the dirt off before placing it back on his head of sandy hair. He grabbed the reins and hoisted himself back up on the horse just to get thrown off again.

“Colt!” His father Jim yelled from across the barnyard. Colt picked himself up off the ground yet again and walked over to the gate that his father had just walked up to.

“What the hell do ya think ya are doin’ Colt!”

“What’s it look like? Trying to break this damn mare.” The horse snorted as if she understood what he was saying.

“Well, not anymore ya not. Unsaddle her, wash her down then muck out all the stalls before dinner.”

“But Dad, I’m close to breaking her I know it.”

“No ya not! If ya were close ya’d be able to ride ‘er for more than eight seconds.” Jim walked back across the barnyard, followed closely by Lauren. Colt stared after them before returning to the bay mare that was staring him down from across the ring. He had decided that he was going to break the mare on this ride and placed his foot in the stirrup and mounted the horse again. The mare bucked and twisted and turned and kicked. Colt lasted longer on her this time but she still wasn’t having anyone on her back. She poised herself perfectly and bucked as hard as she could and sent Colt flying through the air. Colt’s head smashed into the gate post and his back hits the metal gate hard making it ring. At the ring Lauren and Jim turn around to see their son’s body slumped on the ground by the gate and the horse on the other side of the ring staring at him.
“Colt!” Lauren screamed as she took off running to see if her boy was alive.


I decided to pick a genre that I have never written before. I was thinking that I have writing at least a little bit in all different genres but then realized that I have never written anything in a western genre. So this is what I came up.

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