Journal 8

I will admit, I had never heard of Adaptations until it was brought up we were going to be watching it in class. I have a tendency to google things before hand to and for whatever reason I didn’t do any kind of research into this movie. Looking at the Wikipedia page post-viewing however I am glad I didn’t. It’s a hot mess and does nothing to really explain the movie or prepare one for what they actually watch. Even now I don’t know whether I actually enjoyed the movie or not. I’m leaning towards the latter but maybe because it’s brand of bizarre isn’t one I’m used to. Looking into this movie beforehand would have probably made me skip class to be honest. While the Wikipedia is super short and vague as hell just that alone wouldn’t have sold me on watching it.

Let’s start with characters. Charlie; bald,fat, and ugly (his words if I recall). Simple enough character backstory, super awkward. His awkwardness ¬†something I think ¬†was meant to be comic relief. Honestly I thought if him and Donald managed to merge into one person they might make a whole human being. I felt that both of them were missing something so why Donald had to die aside from the obvious, “hey he doesn’t actually exist so he doesn’t get a happy ending” I’m not sure. Why Donald was the only way for Charlie to have any characterization is also a good question. I mean, really until they’re in the swamp having a bro-piphany, Charlie really couldn’t decide which shoe to put on first. Except in his fantasies of course but I’ll avoid those. This is such a bizarre movie that doesn’t fit into any of my other molds of odd.

So Charlie is a big question mark, I don’t think I liked him but his indecisiveness being exaggerated might be the main reason for that. I understand that’s his character it just didn’t work for me. Donald was also a meh. It was interesting how his existence was one kind of played around with but once he actually got a girlfriend I don’t know. Again it’s a “hey Charlie here’s how bad you suck” kind of moment. His “love interest” Amelia was forgettable, I didn’t even remember she existed until the party. Overall characters were kind of meh.

As far as movie progression plot wise I had to wonder the entire time what exactly the point of it all was. It was interesting to see how things transitioned and the cliche world beginning sequence, of course accompanied by a birthing sequence and all that voice-over work done I don’t think did much to prepare one for the ending. Orlean blitzed out of her mind and then alligator death then maybe Charlie getting his life in order? I’m sure the movie meant for itself to be ridiculous as it was but overall it just didn’t appeal to me. I did like Laroche for a while but hey then he was killed a la gator. I can see how it would be a popular/successful kind of movie in a general sense. It’s odd and quirky nature may appeal to some people. I however was not one of them.

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  1. Warren Rochelle says:

    So, you didn’t like the film, eh?

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