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Journal 8

I will admit, I had never heard of Adaptations until it was brought up we were going to be watching it in class. I have a tendency to google things before hand to and for whatever reason I didn’t do … Continue reading

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Journal 5

I really like Michael Kardos’s book. I’ve been going through it on my own time and even thinking some of the exercises through can help me think of different ways to improve or experiment with in my own writing. A … Continue reading

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Journal 4

This is number 1 on page 87 “Come on Natasha. Think about this from where I stand. Lucifer needs a strong host soul so he can be free. You’re a strong soul!” Beelzebub clasped his hands and tilted his head, … Continue reading

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Journal 3

Dillard does have some interesting writing metaphors that capture a side of writing a lot of people might not assume to┬ábe how a writer feels. Take the one about a line of words, “…a surgeon’s probe.” Comparing writing/a physical line … Continue reading

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Journal 2

Natasha strolled out of her house, chuckling to herself. Her parents were mad at her again, on such a nice day too. How they didn’t attack each other was beyond her. She snuck a hand out of her pocket and … Continue reading

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