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Journal 8

Like many in the class, I thought Adaptation was a weird movie. The very first scene revealed for me that I was in for quite an experience when I was treated to a sight of the Being John Malkovich set in grainy footage expecting … Continue reading

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Journal 4

87 #3 Maybe going to the mall right around Christmas had been a bad idea. The mall was filled with crowds all trying to get the perfect Christmas experience, whether it was all the right gifts, or the perfect picture with … Continue reading

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Journal 3

Regarding the idea of the hero’s journey, I definitely think Inman is taking part in a hero’s journey. Looking at Inman more as a hero at first (and temporarily disregarding the parallels to Odysseus) reveals that he is following the … Continue reading

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Journal 2

All Robin had been looking for was the bit of string that had been hanging off the strange container, it looked like it was soft and fluffy, it would have looked great amongst some of the other bits in her collection. … Continue reading

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Journal 1

Ada is a very strong character in that she seems to resist change and resists independence. As the war changes the people around her and leaves her to live on her own, she doesn’t seem to adapt to the changes … Continue reading

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