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Journal 8

Adaptation was a very weird film for me. I can honestly say that I have never seen a movie like that ever before. However, I do think that it does illustrate the struggle that writers can have when they’re stuck … Continue reading

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Journal 6

The woman crept down the stairs, breathing as shallowly as possible to not make a sound. She clutched a baseball bat in her hand, gripping it tightly. The second stair from the bottom creaked and she froze as the thundering … Continue reading

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Journal 5

Amelia walked down the brightly lit hall, heels clicking along the tiled floor. It wasn’t the first time she had been here and it most definitely would not be the last. The ominous text message she had gotten from George … Continue reading

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Journal 4

This is #3 on page 87. “I’m just saying, Rich—” A loud whistle interrupted Amelia, leaving her glaring at the source: a middle aged man in a football jersey. “As I was saying,” the girl said, adjusting her skirt so … Continue reading

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Journal 3

I mostly agree with the metaphors Dillard used. A miner’s pick and a woodcarver’s gouge make the most sense to me because they’re tools for shaping something. They’re shaping the words, making the path for the reader to follow. Fiber … Continue reading

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Journal 2

The hem of the silk gown barely brushed the top of her feet. It was blue, the dark blue of the night sky just before the stars came out. She had never liked blue, not like her mother had. She … Continue reading

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