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Journal 6

Colt picked himself up and dusted off his chaps. He had being trying to break this mare for weeks. He had gotten her used to the saddle and reins quickly, but she wasn’t having someone actually riding her. Colt walked … Continue reading

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Journal 5

       I stop dead looking at a shelf of books, as a flash of a red headed, green eyed man runs across a rolling field, bare chested and wielding a sword. I have never seen him before but … Continue reading

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Journal 4

Pg 87 #3   “Hey Dylan, how are you?” “I’m doing well, how are you Everleigh? “I’m doing good, how is…” “Excuse me!” a person shouts as they bump into Everleigh. “Wow, sure is crowded today. Huh?” “Yeah, usually isn’t … Continue reading

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Journal 3

Dillard uses a bunch of metaphors in “The Writing Life” the ones that she uses in the first sentence sets up the idea that writing is a craft, an art form and also something that takes the diligence and care. … Continue reading

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Hunting Trip (Journal 2)

Egan wrapped the furs tighter around his shoulders as the wind blew snow in his direction. He inched closer to the fire that lapped up around his dinner, a rabbit that he had caught soon before the snow had started. … Continue reading

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Journal 1

Journal 1 Frazier does well at showing the readers the characters through their actions and thoughts rather than telling the reader.  Inman for instance he is troubled by the war though ultimately he seems like he is a good guy … Continue reading

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