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journal 5

When I started thinking about my idea for the novella, I went back and forth between starting the pov characters before Yellowstone erupted or plopping them right into it. I wanted to explore how this changed these characters and how … Continue reading

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Journal 4

1: The shop isn’t on Main Street, it’s not even on 2nd or 3rd, but the tea shop on the far end of Stuart Rd, has real peppermint tea, and with the heat of July on your back and a … Continue reading

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Journal entry 3

1) B) Ada’s mental journey is just as taxing, mental and physically, as Inman’s. Changing one’s entire way of living is one of the hardest things anyone ever has to do, and she’s doing almost all by herself. Ruby teaching … Continue reading

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journal 2

This place that needed to have order resister her efforts by constantly twirling soot. The air filters were all but ruined, though she still tried to clean them out every few days. The others in the building said it was … Continue reading

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